Cafe renews my hope in Peace Love & Anarchy

28 12 2006

One World Cafe in Salt Lake City, UT, and SAME (So All Might Eat) Cafe in Denver, CO, are two unique and suprisingly well-to-do cafes taking a new approach to the resturant buisness. What both cafes have in common is that they are both run by people with a desire to help others and also have patrons with a desire to help others.

Patrons pay for what they think the meal is worth. If it was delicious, you might like to leave a generous sum of money. If the meal was bad, leave a little less. But if you have no money at all, you’re still welcome to eat, but in exchange you’d work for the resturant for an hour or so. Wash the dishes, weed the garden, mop the floors, etc.

I think it’s absolutely genius. You wouldn’t expect such a place to do very well in our extremely material and capitalist society, but both cafes have been doing remarkably well. This definitely gives me hope for the world once again because in the midst of all this shit there are still people who do things just because it’s the right thing, and not because they’re making a quick buck.

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